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Ligue universitaire-F/ Martlets of Mcgill
Hannay Kirby: «beating Carabins at home in my third year was...» | 2014-10-28 18:44:47
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After move in McGill Martlets (McGill women's team), Hannah Kirby was quick to win the group. Centerpiece of the women's team at the University of McGill, the native of Kanata, Ontario will leave hers at the end of the 2014 season. In an interview with drafting, Martlets defender returns to his best and bad moments in the Mcgill red-white colors.  How do you learn to play soccer?

Hannah Kirby: I started playing soccer when I was five years old because my brother played. I loved it and as soon as I was old enough to play competitively, I tried out for the local team and went from there.

«The city of Montreal was a big draw for me. Also,...»   At the beginning, were you playing soccer for fun, or did you want to be a professional?

Hannah Kirby: At the beginning I played for fun as all kids do, but I remember when Canada came 2nd in the FIFA U-19 Women's World Cup in 2002, I decided that one day I wanted to play on the national team.  Why did you choose McGill to play soccer?

Hannah Kirby: The city of Montreal was a big draw for me. Also, the soccer program and the school had a good reputation.  After five seasons with McGill Martlets, what do you think of your career record?

Hannah Kirby: I have come along way since my first year, improving every season. I have put so much into this soccer program and as a result have gotten so much out of it, on and off the field.   Your are going to leave McGill at the end of the season, what will you remember about these five seasons?

Hannah Kirby: Being a varsity athlete has taught me so much about determination, overcoming adversity, hard work, positive attitude, I could go on. But most of all, I will take away so many great memories from these past five years.

«beating Carabins of Montreal at home in my third year was one of my best moments...»   What are your best or worst moments?

Hannah Kirby: Some highlights were beating Trinity Western at Nationals in my second year, beating Carabins of Montreal at home in my third year, and my first goal in fall season for McGill last year against Citadins of UQAM. Some low points were losing to Laval in semi-finals in my first year, and struggling with injuries last winter  Are you going to keep playing soccer after university league, or this will be the end for you?

Hannah Kirby: I don't have any plans to keep playing after this season. It will be strange to me to no longer be trying to play at the highest level, but I think it is time to take a step back from soccer.

By Hermann Ze.



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